The Blade 550X is a ground-up designed professional series electric helicopter for the discerning expert pilot. From every angle and in every detail, the 550X ticks all of the boxes that a pro-level pilot could ever want for. Penned by the Blade team of highly driven heli pilots, the 550X has been created to provide the ultimate in response, feel, precision and control and to set a new benchmark for 550-size professional series performance.

The backbone of any high performance helicopter is its chassis and the Blade 550X certainly doesn’t disappoint with its Twin Vertical Plate design, CNC cut offering that’s produced from high quality bi-directional plain weave carbon fibre to provide exacting torsional rigidity and strength in all directions whilst keeping weight to an absolute minimum. Flex is banished in order to provide the highest possible levels of feel, reaction and control whilst in the air and the chassis is complimented by precision CNC machined aluminium alloy bulkheads that provide the necessary spacing for the TVP design whilst also providing solid and accurate location points for the servos, main shaft and running gear.

The included E-Flite 1360Kv Brushless Heli Outrunner motor is optimally geared to provide phenomenal torque throughout the rev range in order to provide the power to pull through even the most extreme of 3D manoeuvres and demanding 3D patterns. Allied to the triple bearing supported 10mm steel main shaft and the torque-tube driven tail rotor, the Blade 550X throttle response is as instant as it gets with zero-flex or time-lag in its reaction. Inertia too is kept to an absolute minimum throughout the driveline thus further enhancing the reactive nature of the 550X to satisfy the world’s most exacting 3D pilots.

E-Flite’s 130A ESC is included to provide the smooth controlled power delivery to the motor from today’s high performing high C-rated LiPo batteries whilst the inclusion of a separate 10A BEC unit ensures that even when the blades and servos are fully loaded, they’ll be no interruption to the Receiver’s power supply or any starvation to the servos.

When you’re flying at the very edge of control, the difference between success and failure may only be a heartbeat away. Flex, slop and any imprecision in the control system will rob you of vital response feel and time which is why the Blade 550X designers have done everything in their power to provide the most direct feeling and responsive control system available today. Direct-to-swash servo control is a prime example of eliminating potential failure modes through design as traditional bell-crank driven linkages can wear and feel sloppy over time. Similarly, the 550X is endowed with low inertial response thanks to it’s optimised package design that maintains all of the weight as centrally as possible to the main shaft and head, thus endowing the 550X with synoptic-like reflexes and reactions.

The cross-woven carbon fibre Revolution main blades also play a significant role in characterising the performance feel of the Blade 550X; providing lightweight rigidity and precision balancing to enable sharp, crisp directional flight changes in an instant.

And topping it all off is the aggressively styled pre-painted fibreglass canopy that completes the pro-level look and feel of the Blade 550X.

As you’d expect from any professional series model, the Blade 550X comes as a kit and requires assembly. This offers the professional pilot an unparalleled opportunity to learn and get to know their machine and for them to be able to rest assured that it’s been built to their exacting standards, by a professional.

To make things a little easier, the Blade 550X is available in two completion levels; one (BLH5525) as a kit only including motor, ESC and BEC and the other (BLH5525C) that also includes the recommended Spektrum high speed digital H6040 cyclic servos, the ultra high speed Spektrum H6080G gyro servo and the awe-inspiring Spektrum AR7200BX 7-Channel DSMX Beast Flybarless Control System.

Distinctively Pro-level yet unmistakably Blade styled, the Blade 550X is set to become the new benchmark for pro-series 550-sized electric helicopters.

Source: Horizon Hobby UK

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