They’re some of world’s greatest pilots and they fly their machines to the limit every time they take to the sky. They’re The Flying Bulls who operate more than 20 unique historic aircraft for and on behalf of the Energy-Drink-Company RED BULL.

Worldwide their 3 pilots are the only ones civil certified to fly full aerobatic manoeuvres with a civil helicopter, the BO-105, and they’ve been thrilling millions at air shows around the world since the late 1990s.

The Blade® Red Bull BO-105 CBCX has been designed to let rookie pilots fly like a pro, even if they’ve never flown an RC heli before. Its self-stabilising, counter rotating blades keep control responses smooth and predictable whilst also make it possible to hover easily without having to make constant corrections. It even has a computerized piezo gyro that actually works to hold the chosen heading, so the heli flies right where it’s pointed.

You don’t have to worry about signal interference either. The advanced 2.4GHz control system lets you and your friends fly several Red Bull helis at the same time. About the only limit to the number you can fly at once is the size of the space you’re flying in!


Length: 200mm
Height: 120mm
Width: 48mm
Flying Weight: 29g.
Battery: 150mAh LiPo
Main Rotor Head Type: Coaxial
Swashplate Type: 90 degrees
Main Rotor Diameter: 190mm
Main Rotor Blade Length (Included): 87mm
Main Motor Type: Coreless
Main Motor Size: 6.5mm dia.
Approximate Flight Time: 6-8min.
Number of Channels: 3
Recommended Environment: Indoor

Source: Horizon Hobby

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