The Dynam Devil 3D is based on the excellent Ulitmate 10-300 unlimited aerobatic biplane.

It’s made in durable and lightweight EPO foam and meticulously painted ready for you. Assembly is simple thanks to the precision CNC struts and it does not require wire rigging which greatly simplifies matters. The horizontal tail has an aerodynamic tail which is an unusual bonus on such a compact model.

Power is provided by the fabulous Dynam 650 motor and dependable 50 Amp ESC giving linear power delivery through the entire flight envelope.

Take to the skies this year with the latest aerobatic adrenaline machine from the Dynam design team, you are going to be impressed.

Spec Check:

  • Wing Span: 1016mm
  • Length: 1130mm
  • Servo: 2 x 9g 2 x17g
  • Motor: Brushless 650Kv
  • ESC: 50 Amp

Requires to finish: 6 channel radio and transmitter, 4S 2200mAh LiPo Battery

Source: CML Distribution

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