In this article we show you a quick way to get a little more power into your AR Drone with thanks to Overlander UK

Now before we start this article we must point out that using batteries other than those made by Parrot will invalidate your Drones Warranty.

You have been warned!

The Standard AR Drone Battery comes with a 10c Rating with 1000mah rating.
It is also encased in a plastic box for safety, this also adds weight.

Overlander sent us two of their Lipo Batteries 1300mAh 3S 11.1v 25C Sport Packs to play with.

They also sent us a pack of Mini Tamiya connectors to enable us to connect the batteries to the Drone

Tamiya Connectors are a bit old hat but as we already have several battery packs in this configuration we havent chosen to use EC3 or Deans connectors for ease of use.
However instead of just crimping the wires on to the connectors we soldered the wires to the connector pins to ensure the best possible power transfer.

Each wire was soldered in turn and then placed into the connector housing to ensure there was no chance of a short circuit during construction.

Each pin was also given some heat shrink tubing to ensure a safe, short free connection, it also gave more width to the wire stopping it from moving around the connector housing.

After the connector was assembled we can see a side by side comparison of the two packs.
The overlander battery carrys a little more weight but also an extra 300mah with a higher punch capacity so should ensure a good run time over the standard effort.

Finally fitted into the AR Drone Battery Cradle with no problem.

Thanks to for supplying the Batteries and Connectors

UPDATE June 19th 2012:  Since posting this article we have tested the Overlander packs and found we have had almost fourteen minutes flight time compared to the original battery run ten of just over ten minutes of flight

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