Big Bruce Racing design and manufacture RC models and components specifically
for competition pylon racing. Up until recently, this has been only for the IC engine
classes. Their desire to expand lead them to electric models and F5D pylon racing.
Big Bruce Racing is owned by Bruce de Chastel, who is himself an accomplished pylon racer. Starting at age 13 with control line and then RC from age 15. At age 18 he
entered his first pylon race, Quarter Midget, with an own design Shoe String powered by
a Taipan 15. By 1989, he had achieved a 3rd in the F3D World Championships with
his own designed and built fl apperon model. 2001 was the fi rst time a Big Bruce model
won an F3D World Championships. Now Bruce’s models are always on the podium,
with 4 of the top 5 F3D pilots choosing Big Bruce Racing wings and props.
So the pedigree of the Summit F5D is unquestionable, which made buying two from
Bruce an easy decision. What’s in the kit? Well, not very much, but everything that
you need… a one piece wing, fuselage with fin, horizontal stabiliser and a hardware
pack. This is a typical F5D pylon racer which is all moulded with epoxy and a fair
helping of carbon fibre. The only addition required was a carbon fi bre push rod and
some piano wire for the aileron linkages. Bruce takes pride in his models, and likes
all his models to be unique. He actively encourages his customers to have custom
paint jobs. This is typically from 2 colours to pretty much any design you want. In
my case, as the intention was to use these models at the F5D World Championships,
I went for a Union Jack design on just one wing, with the white bits in silver paint and
the base colour being red for one and blue for the other. I prefer asymmetric designs
on my pylons racers as it just helps with visibility and orientation.

To read the full article pick up Issue 001 of RC electric Flyer

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One Response to Issue 1 Preview Review: Summit 5FD

  1. Doug Rowell says:

    I flew C/L with Bruce from the age of 13-17. Ask him about our control line canard.
    Always a competitive fellow he kept it up while I got a “real job”. Now he’s living the dream! Go Big Bruce!

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