HobbyKing X200 Touch Screen Battery Charger
Forget about buttons, just like phones it is now all about touch screen control! The HobbyKing X200 Touch Screen Battery Charger is a revolutionary new charger design offering the ultimate in ease of use and modern styling. This is a true “Smart Charger” with many intuitive features. It can log your battery’s charge and discharge curves while displaying the information real-time on the graphic touch screen display.

Mini Plug-and-fly DLG

The Mini DLG is a brilliant model perfect for those looking to get into DLG gliders without the hassle and expense of building a traditional kit! 
Small in size, excellent construction quality and a high level of pre-assembly, all at a price that can’t be beat! 29764

Stinger 64 Mk2 – Screaming good fun
The Stinger 64 Mk2 is an EDF jet for the pilot who makes no apologies for having fun.
HobbyKing have upped the power with an all new 4S EDF system, added metal gear servos and now has a vibrant new scheme with wicked graphics! These changes really make this thing scream through the sky!
If you are a Saab driving, shirt tucked into chino wearing, teetotaling member of the fun police, this plane isn’t for you. This is what parkflyer sized jets are all about!27571

Source: Hobbyking.com

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